sunday, may 19, 2019

How to get there

We encourage event attendees to access the event via bicycle, train or bus, as available. Bike maps are available at gobikebuffalo.org. Bus and transit information is available at nfta.com.


Limited parking is available in and around LaSalle Park. Paid parking can also be found a short bike ride away at parking ramps downtown. 










Road closures begin

Riders begin arriving in LaSalle Park

Riders begin lining up

Full Loop departs

Kensington/Scajaquada Loop departs

Skyway-Only Loop departs

First riders begin returning




Full Loop: 18 miles (Skyway/Kensington/Scajaquada [Route 5, 33, and 198])

Kensington/Scajaquada Loop = 11 miles (Route 33 and 198)

Skyway-Only Loop = 10 miles (Skyway only)




Our hundreds of volunteers make this huge event a success. All volunteers participate in the event for free; many are able to participate in the ride.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are helmets required for this ride?


Yes, helmets are required. There are affordable options at most bike shops and stores around town. If you're having trouble getting a helmet, we may be able to assist in helping acquire one for the ride.


Can I bring my kids? Are there restrictions for children?

Yes! Riders age 10 and up are allowed to ride independently on all routes with an accompanying adult. Due to safety concerns, children under 10 years old cannot ride themselves and must be under their parent's conveyance–child seats, trailers, tag-alongs, cargo bikes, etc. 



Is this a race? How fast will we go?


This is not a race. Most of the ride, including most of the Skyway-Only Loop, will be a casual pace around 10 to 12 mph. Participants on the Full Loop and Kensington/Scajaquada Loop may have an opportunity to ride faster at times.



Are the streets closed, or will we be riding in traffic?


Most streets and roadways on the route will be closed to traffic. Some of the route will be on city streets and off-street paths.


We will have a police escort for much of the ride. 



How long will the roads be closed?

The major roadways (Routes 5, 33, 198) will be closed from approximately 6 am to 12 pm.

Can we stop on the Skyway or the highways to take pictures?

No, for safety reasons there is no non-emergency stopping allowed up on the Skyway or along the highway routes. We will have professional photographers in various locations taking pictures that will be available online after the event.

Why is the ride $40? What does the registration fee get me?



This is a fundraiser for GObike Buffalo so we can make Buffalo more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly, including education, advocacy and policy work, running our community workshop, providing Recycle-a-Bicycle classes throughout the city, hosting fun events and more.


Your registration fee also covers the significant costs of organizing this ambitious event. 




Where does the money go?
Here is a rough breakdown of GObike Buffalo's budget:
Is there a rain date?


The ride happens rain or shine. If there are high winds (25mph+) or heavy rain, the Buffalo Police will determine whether or not it is safe to cross the Skyway. If we aren't able to cross the Skyway, all riders will ride the rest of the route.

I'm having trouble paying online. Can I send you a check?


Yes. If you have attempted to pay for your SkyRide registration online and cannot complete the transaction, you can send a check or money order to our office:


GObike Buffalo
640 Ellicott St.
suite 447
Buffalo, NY 14203



If the event is canceled, or if I have to cancel, is there a refund?


Refunds are available until May 12. After that date refunds are not available.

Have any questions that we didn't answer? Email us: events@gobikebuffalo.org


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Children under age 18 must be joined by a parent or guardian at all times. Please note that food is not included with registration.  Registration rates increase $5 on February 28, 2019.

GObike Buffalo Members: please log in to our member database while registering to receive discounts.

Refunds for SkyRide registration are not available after May 12. Please note the event will NOT be cancelled due to rain. The event will only be cancelled in the event of a severe weather emergency. However, the event may be delayed or temporarily suspended due to inclement weather. No refunds will be given for delays or event cancellation.


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